Modular Animal Science Research Facilities

There are many elements to planning an animal laboratory facility. Art’s Way Scientific modular buildings are designed from the inside out, starting with animal species, desired animal caging systems, your animal census and regulatory/industry performance standards.

Environmental Stability

Environmental stability is required to minimize physiological and behavioral changes in the animals that might impact your research results. Designed and constructed to maintain temperature and humidity to tight tolerances, HVAC systems are 100% fresh air units designed to maintain 10-15 air changes per hour to control airborne materials and the health of the animals and the people who work with them.

Impact Resistant and Cleanable Surfaces

Impact resistant and cleanable surfaces are at the foundation of our design. The wall and ceiling surfaces in the Art’s Way Scientific modular vivarium are coated with a fiberglass reinforced resinous coating system that stands up to animal wastes, frequent washing and cleaning solutions. Our floor surfaces are coated with high impact, slip resistant, multiple layer epoxy coating materials from a selection of companies experienced in vivarium coating requirements.  Sloped floors to trench drains can be incorporated into the modular building design.

Structural Insulated Panel Wall System

Our Structural Insulated Panel Wall System creates the building strength required to withstand the transportation of the building sections from the manufacturing plant, to the site, and contributes to noise and vibration control. Solid core insulated panels give the walls better acoustical performance, and provide a superior thermal building envelope. Wall thickness can be modified for special purpose rooms, such as behavioral suites or isolation rooms.

Programmable Lighting Controls

Many of our clients have opted for programmable lighting controls, having the capability of allowing automated switching of lights off and on through a 24-hour cycle. The technology now exists to gradually increase and decrease light levels to simulate dawn and dusk light cycles.

Security Systems

Security systems to limit access to the vivarium space are available in our modular facilities. A variety of electronic access systems, from simple card readers to biometric readers, control access to sensitive or restricted areas. Video monitoring systems are also available.

Industry Partnerships

Our long-standing presence in the industry and variety of project types completed has fostered relationships with most of the equipment, caging systems, and laboratory casework and software suppliers.  Vivarium management systems, automatic watering, cage washers, autoclaves, and decontamination systems have all been integrated into our modular buildings.

Art’s Way Scientific modular vivarium buildings – changing the way animal laboratory research buildings are built.