The Buildings for Science Advantage

Time, cost, flexibility, environmental control, and exceptionally tight production processes are a few of the unique advantages offered by a pre-engineered laboratory solution. A modular research facility moves your research ahead in 180 days compared to the two to four years required for conventional design and construction methods.

Installation options add flexibility. Install the lab connected to your existing facility, at a distance for security, expand incrementally within an existing structure, or if space is tight, consider installation on top of an existing structure. Decide to lease for years or purchase today. The choices are yours from Art’s Way Scientific.



Pre-engineered laboratories are the clear solution to choose for rapid deployment in the U.S. to meet the core diagnostic capabilities for biological and chemical defense, or naturally occurring pathogens. They serve as externally monitored triage and assessment units operating full-time for in-processing and pre-screening of non-routine specimens.

Modular laboratories can be designed with multi-chambered glove box equipment capable of maintaining isolation and separation of specimen contents from laboratory personnel and the surrounding environment. Our laboratories can provide complete physical isolation of unknown agents or infected people, plants, or animals. The Buildings for Science solution offers the rapid response value critical for federal, state, and local public and private health facilities.


Biocontainment Laboratories

Pre-engineered alternatives provide superior solutions for BSL-2 and BSL-3+ laboratories. Based on pathogen driven requirements, Art’s Way Scientific will design, construct, and install a Biosafety laboratory to meet specific laboratory needs. Our structural insulated panel wall system provides 15 times better air filtration than conventional and steel construction. Expanded polystyrene materials resist water, significantly reducing the threat of molds. Walls, ceilings, floors, and all penetrations are tightly sealed.

Room specific air pressure and HVAC control increase pathogen control. Modular laboratories are easily vacated and fully decontaminated using vaporized hydrogen peroxide or a similar process you prefer.