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Evolution Modular builds a long-lasting construction office trailer ready to be delivered to your jobsite. They make great spaces for DOT compliance staff, soil sampling equipment, and personnel offices. The Evolution Modular units are uniquely built with a complete fiberglass interior. You can wash them out quickly and they last 3 times as long as a standard drywall build.

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Where are trailers used?:

  • Construction Office Trailer
  • Lab Trailer for DOT sampling and testing
  • Field Lab
  • Field Office for contractor team
  • Office trailer for primary or sub contractor

“Very good value. Very well built.” – Jason, CJ Moyna

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The average lifespan of a standard stick build office trailer is 6 years. Our lasts an average of 20 years. How do we accomplish this? We use an all steel base frame trailer. Our walls have a special insulated paneling to keep cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Our completely fiber glassed interior is built to withstand the wear of the job site. We may not be the cheapest, but we will outlast all your other trailers.

With more economical options, you need to have the trailer exactly level or the thin doors aren’t sealed properly and you accumulate moisture in the trailers. Once the moisture is in, it quickly deteriorates the sheetrock and thinly insulated walls. Getting constant calls to fix in the middle of a job takes away time and money from your bottom line.

DOT field lab
Weather resistant office trailer


We know. Who has time to clean out the jobsite trailer before moving to the next one. We just made it that much easier. Our fully fiberglass interior makes it like a big bathtub – watertight and easy to clean. You can hose down the walls and floors both and quickly squeegee out the dirt from the current job. Our third-party labor is always spilling their morning coffee? Easily wipe off without fear of staining.


A Pre-installed wall temperature control unit makes it user friendly to adjust on the fly. Our insulated paneling is efficient at keeping in the cool/warm air when desired and people comfortable in extreme working conditions.

climate controlled office trailer
Mobile construction office trailer


This mobile office trailer is built on a trailer frame – you simply raise the jacks, hook up to your truck and you are on the way to the next site. No need to line up trucking and loading it on a semi. If you are tired of having large lease payments and worrying about logistics of moving a building around, take a look at investing in an Evolution Modular Construction Office Trailer. You could own your own trailer for less than an annual lease payment and significantly easier to move from site to site with a drop of a pin.


Do you have company branding/colors that you are proud to showcase? Or perhaps you want something that will blend in with your surroundings? You can choose your exterior steel color, trim, and floor epoxy color to be on brand. We have a standard layout ready to build but any trailer can be customized with different windows/doors, built-in outlets and furniture. Let us know what you need.

Customizable Mobile office trailer for jobsite

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