12’ wide x 56’ long Modular Rodent Vivarium – 2 Room

Designed and constructed as an ABSL2 Laboratory Animal Research Building, this unit has an Animal Room, Procedure Space and an Entry Vestibule. The animal room has ceiling thimble connectors and quick disconnect water connectors to support five double sided ventilated rodent racks. This unit has the flexibility to be converted to a laboratory.

Units have a cleanable wall, floor, and ceiling surfaces. Several have FRP Panels for walls or our hand-laid fiberglass reinforces gelcoat surface fall coating. All units are built with epoxy floor systems with coving typical for animal or laboratory research environments.

16’ wide x 34’ long Modular Micro lab

This unit was previously used as a satellite Food Safety and Quality Control Laboratory for a frozen vegetable processing facility.   The unit features a separate entry/sample receipt area, and a separate exit/ autoclave/ waste collection area.  The process of sample preparation, incubation and testing follow a horseshoe configured main laboratory, with supporting laboratory bench space, laboratory base cabinets, and overhead shelves/cabinets.  The building is currently set up to accommodate a 6’ ductless Biosafety Cabinet. Electrical raceways above the countertop allow flexibility in the placement of electrical and data outlets to support laboratory equipment.