Calf Care™ Modular Buildings

The ideal environment for calf housing and therefore, the people who work with them.

Why Choose a Calf Care Building?

Calves Get a Good Start

Young calves grow in total comfort and maximum support in their more fragile early days because they are housed in Art’s Way Calf Care modular buildings. Mortality rates are significantly reduced, rate of gain is improved, and most of all herd management is easier.

Complete Climate Controlled Comfort

First of all, providing good air quality is key to a successful program. Excess heat or cold will cause stress and can impact calf health. Calf Care modular buildings provide:
•    Outside air preheated in winter and cooled in the summer.
•    Continuous air movement through controlled exhaust fans.
•    Good quality air without drafts due to louvered air inlets.
•    Insulated panel wall systems in order to create a tight building shell.

Easy to Clean and Sanitize

Calf Care modular buildings are designed for cleaning and sanitizing due to many great built-in features. All interior surfaces are coated with an epoxy resin gel coat system while equipment is suited for wet environments.
•    Walls and pit area are coated with a seamless fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin coating.
•    Clean and dry calf areas.
•    Sealed wet area approved electrical and plumbing systems.
•    Meterman pre-soaker misting system in order to facilitate cleaning.
•    Slatted or coated calf flooring over a 9” pit.
•    Optional manure scraper system.

Calf Husbandry Equipment Included

Our modular building will accommodate the most basic and advanced calf husbandry equipment, including:
•    Stainless steel or polypropylene calf stalls in open or divider designs.
•    Calf stall sizes to accommodate different breeds.
•    Head gates accommodate bottles or automatic feeding.
•    Fresh clean water available through automatic watering systems.
•    Easy access to feed and water.
•    Optional heat lamp receptacles over stalls.
•    Can accommodate group housing and automatic feeder technologies.

People Benefits

Animal caregivers also benefit from Art’s Way modular Calf Care Buildings:
•    Work in a temperature controlled environment.
•    Less effort to provide feed and water to calves.
•    No bedding to maintain or handle, as a result, reducing operating costs.
•    Administer veterinarian immunization programs easier.
•    More time to manage and observe calves growing.

Modular Building Advantages

•    Buildings constructed in controlled environment.
•    Simple foundation system and utility hookups.
•    Minimum disruption at your site.
•    Buildings maintain high resale value.
•    Can be easily relocated.
•    Lease financing is available.

Common Calf Housing Sizes:

60 Head Split (contains two 30 head stall rooms.)