Rodent Facilities Fast Track Turn Key

In 2004 Art’s Way Scientific was contracted by the Department of Veterans Affairs to design and manufacture temporary rodent housing to accommodate continuing studies while renovations took place at the VA Portland Health Center. Through the development of this successful collaboration, Art’s Way Scientific now offers these units for short or long term lease as well as purchase.

Our fleet is designed as a single unit with attached mechanical systems to allow easy transport, set up and removal.

Built to all applicable codes, these units feature a temperature control system to meet the critical criteria of proper temperature and relative humidity. The unit includes space allocated with laboratory casework and emergency eyewash station. Modular units have been modified to include wet sprinkler systems, fire alarms, security entrances and additional support for data.

These units have been leased all over the United States to both Government entities as well as private concerns.

Project Description

The Fast Track Turnkey Units are the next wave in meeting animal housing needs. “Really Quick, for as long or short as you need it.”

Temporary Rodent Housing units are designed to accommodate (5) five ventilated rodent racks and change stations.

This unit includes:

  • 11′ x 6′ Ante Room/Procedure Area
  • 11′ x 32′ Rodent Room
  • 11′ x 6′ Mechanical Room

The overall footprint is 12′ x 60′, including air handling unit and exhaust fans.


  • Standard units, available very quickly
  • AAALAC/USDA program level environment, barrier or contained space
  • All the features and comforts of “home”
  • 100% fresh air, minimum 15 ACH, humidity and temperature control
  • Rent for a few months, lease to own, purchase


  • Stand alone single or multiple units
  • Start with one or two and expand later
  • Locate anywhere there are utilities, parking lot, inside a warehouse, on open land
  • Permanent or movable units

Facts & Figures

Design Team:
Art’s Way Scientific, Inc.
MEP Engineers
Pyramid1, Inc.

Size:  720 SF