Cancer Research Facility-Modular Laboratory Building

Project Description

Provide a 2-Story Modular Building of approximately 7,000 SF, (3,500 SF each floor) complete with three (3) BSL2 laboratories and one BSL2* lab, a scientific equipment room, dark room and cold room.

The second floor consists of administrative offices, a LAN/tel room, closets, data storage area,
conference room and lunch/break room.


Provide the maximum space for laboratories and office as the site allows.
Provide lease agreement.


Lockard Construction and Art’s Way Scientific designed uniquely shaped modular sections to add 2,005 SF of useable space to the building.
Provided a 10 year lease and building management.

Facts & Figures

Central East Coast, USA

Type Of Project:
2-Story Laboratory & Office Complex

General Contractor:
Lockard Construction

Design Team:
Levi Archiecture, Inc.
Weston Solutions, Inc.
Schlenger/Pitzand Associates, Inc.
Art’s Way Scientific, Inc.

9,208 SF
2-Story Building

Floor Plans:
First Floor
Second Floor