Modular NHP Vivarium and Clinic-New Iberia Research Center

Project Description

Designed to Support Biomedical Research

The University of Louisiana, New Iberia Research Center (NIRC) modular non-human primate housing unit is a single 16’ wide x 88’ long (1400 SF) building that includes a clinic, ante room, restroom, mechanical room and animal quarters for 100 non-human primate cages. Designed to support biomedical research and animal housing regulations, the building features fiberglass reinforced structural insulated panel wall systems, heavy duty epoxy resin laboratory flooring systems sloped to floor drains, fiberglass FRP flush doors with stainless steel frames and hardware, high quality steel laboratory casework and watertight fixtures to facilitate frequent wash down. The building exterior finish is corrugated steel siding with a standing seam roof, both rated for hurricane conditions common to southern Louisiana. Laboratory animal research is highly regulated and must be carefully designed in order to provide the ideal environment for the animals housed and research study protocols.

Controlled Natural Environment

The building environment is maintained using a Siemens BAS, which controls a pair of redundant single pass air handlers to provide tightly controlled temperature (± 2 degrees F) , humidity, differential pressure, and air changes. Each room is controlled as a single zone. The building is supported by an emergency generator with an automatic transfer switch. Custom designed primatecage mounting frames were installed in each of the animal rooms suitable for a variety of cage sizes and types. An automatic cage watering system and stainless steel waste pans were incorporated into the cage mounting system to allow easy change over and cleaning. Lights are on timers to simulate day/night conditions. The building features an audio animal enrichment system, including moisture resistant marine grade speakers, which allow animal care staff to select music or simulate sounds found in the animal’s natural environment.

Designed to Allow Expansion

The New Iberia Research Center was attracted to modular construction because it gives them the ability to acquire a research ready building customized to the particular research environment required, at an accelerated schedule and fixed budget. They can expand research programs one modular unit at a time, keeping research protocols in isolated units. The site preparation required for modular units minimizes campus disruption, noise, and security concerns. Modular buildings can be grouped by research type, and are relocated to support changing requirements. These buildings allow scientists to concentrate on their work, finding cures for the world’s diseases, rather than being involved in construction projects. In drug development and disease prevention, every day counts.

To date, NIRC has invested in four modular NHP facilities with Art’s Way Scientific, Inc. The building site has been prepared for the next phase of modular buildings, designed to support future research and sponsored projects.

Facts & Figures

Modular Building:
Art’s Way Scientific, Inc.

Design Team:
Durrant Architects
MEP Engineers
Art’s Way Scientific, Inc.

Three (3) modular vivariums
Each modular 1,400 sq ft