World Agricultural Processor-Modular Research Complex

Project Description

Design, manufacture and install nine (9) new Modular Buildings for animal housing and laboratory use, and relocate one used swine building to create a research complex for the study of feed products and feed additives. One of the ares of research activities to be conducted in the facilities is to determine the feed value of ethanol production bi-products.

There are eight (8) animal buildings that attach to a central feed corridor. A laboratory facility is attached to the end of the complex and serves as the entry area for researchers entering the facility.

The main feed/storage building creates a 1,394 SF corridor. Left of this center corridor there are four (4) – 976 SF animal rooms that support lamb and swine studies. To the right of the central building are four (4) – 1,260 SF animal units that support cattle, poultry and general study purposes. The central laboratory facility is 945 SF. The total facility offers more that 11,300 SF of animal and laboratory space.

Facts & Figures

Midwest, USA

Type Of Project:
Animal Housing/Laboratory Facility

Modular Builder:
Art’s Way Scientific, Inc.

11,300 SF

Floor Plans:
Animal Housing