State Correctional Hog Care™ Production Facility

Project Description

This project was created to expand swine production at this state correctional institution. The pork produced at this facility offers a step in the self-sustaining goal of the facility as well as providing quality product to other state facilities.

With environmental manure and space expansion mandates in place, the concept of modular Hog Care™ was able to satisfy these requirements by offering the flexibility of modular design, ease of installation, self contained waste pit and turn key start up with no interruption of existing operations. The project started in 2009 with two 24 diagonal crate farrowing units with an eye on future expansion as needs and funding allowed. The facility has since expanded to include four 24 diagonal crate farrowing units and four 500 head nursery units.

These facilities offer optimal healthy conditions as outlined by Midwest Planning Services.

These complete turnkey units provide a distinct advantage to traditional construction given the limited labor and strict site security.

Nursery Specifications:

  • 8′ x 13′ 9″ steel rod pens
  • 36″ stainless steel feeders
  • SS Monoflow water cups
  • White Maxima nursery slat supported by 5″ fiberglass beam
  • Poly duct with 400 CFM inlets
  • 1000 CFM ceiling inlets
  • 4000 CFM wall inlets

Farrowing Specifications:

  • 6′ x 6′ 6″ SS crate dividers
  • 2′ x 7′ SS diagonal crates
  • SS sow and piglet water nipples
  • Interlocking cast iron Slats
  • Supported by 5″ fiberglass beam
  • 2000 CFM ceiling inlets
  • 2900 CFM wall inlets

 Hog Care™ All Contain:

  • Two 5′ x 5′ evaporative cool cells with pump
  • Damp area fluorescent fixtures
  • Varifan, ECS-3M controls
  • 60,000 BTU LB White natural gas heaters
  • Complete reversible scraper system
  • 29 gauge steel siding and roof
  • Medicator hookups
  • 4″ expandable pit drain plugs
  • 32″ insulated aluminum doors

Facts & Figures

Southeast Texas

Type Of Project:
Swine Production

General Contractor:
Art’s Way Scientific, Inc.

Design Team:
Art’s Way Scientific, Inc.
BHR Design
Pyramid1, Inc.

5,896 Total SF
4 – 16′ x 82′, 24 Diagonal Crate, Farrowing – 1,312 SF each
4 – 16′ 9″ x 88′ 500 Head Nursery – 1,474 SF each