Modular Calf Care™ Complex

Architectural Excellence

The New Sweden Dairies modular calf complex (Nicollet, MN), is comprised of eight (1008 SF each) 60-stall Calf Care™ buildings connected by a service corridor. Rooms are sized to meet regulatory and animal welfare standards. The connecting corridor allows animal caretakers to work in a controlled environment while completing animal husbandry work. Constructed using structural insulated panels (SIP), the buildings conserve energy while maintaining a controlled environment. The interior is finished with an anti-bacterial, seamless, fiberglass reinforced epoxy coating system. Walls and manure pit corners have a 45 degree cove trim to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. Each module is fitted with stainless steel calf stalls on a plasticol coated steel mesh floor supported over a shallow manure pit with scraper system for waste removal. The exterior of the complex is corrugated steel with a colors selected by the owner to match other buildings on site.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Circulation of fresh air using negative pressure ventilation is key to the elimination of respiratory problems in young animals. Variable speed fans draw air through an evaporative cooling package for conditioning, then air enters the animal room through poly ducts and balanced air inlets to regulate air flow to the calves. When heat is required, a thermostatically controlled heater conditions the animal room air. The environment is controlled with a multi-stage control system. Digital temperature and RH sensors monitor and control temperature, humidity and air flow. Electrical components include PVC surface mounted conduit, NEMA 3 panels, and wet environment fixtures. Water to animals is supplied by ¾” PEX piping to pressure reducing and medication stations to animal water cups. Galvanized high pressure lines support a central power washer. New Sweden Dairy led the development of a custom calf stall that meets their high performance standards.

Cost Effectiveness

Designed to optimize animal health and comfort to support the mission of producing dairy products of the highest possible quality, the Calf Care™ modular building is a perfect fit for both budget and function. The complex allows the client to discontinue use of traditional outdoor calf huts, reducing labor costs. Housed in Calf Care™ modules, young calves experience comfort and maximum health support in their fragile early days, increasing the productivity of the animal through its lifecycle without added medications or non-organic methods. By reducing veterinarian care and medication cost, and improving mortality rates and rate of gain the buildings have proven a wise business decision. Modular calf housing eliminates the costs associated with replacing bedding, making them “Greener” compared to traditional calf housing. Modular units offer an unlimited opportunity for expansion in significantly less time, as budgets and needs allow, with minimal site disruption.

Facts & Figures

Nicollet, MN

Design, Manufacture, Installation:
Art’s Way Scientific, Inc.

Eight individual calf units connected by a common corridor totaling 8,164 SF


Construction Time:
150 Days